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Wood Pallets & Crates in Houston – Custom, New, Used, Heat Treated (HT) For Sale, Pickup & Delivery

Houston wood pallet and crate company

For companies looking for a custom wood pallets and shipping crate solution, North Houston Pallets are the best option. We can provide new and customized wood pallets. North Houston Pallets offers competitive pricing and will work with your business to find the perfect packing system for your needs. If you need a wooden crate for your upcoming shipping project, North Houston Pallets is the right choice for you.

A reliable wood pallet and crate company in Houston offering high-quality wood pallets that meet your business’s specifications. We also offer a free quote if you need new or used wooden pallets. If you’re looking for new or used wood pallets and new wood crates, you’ll love the selection at our Houston, TX, warehouse.

Our Products

Wood Pallets

  • New and Custom Pallets
  • Heat Treated (HT) Lumber Pallets
  • Combination (New & Used Wood)
  • Remanufactured Pallets

Wood Crates

  • Available Bins, Crates, Boxes
  • Custom Build Bins, Crates, Boxes
  • Heat Treated (HT) Lumber Crates
  • We Deliver to Your Doorstep

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Any Quantity Pallet & Crate Solutions:

We offer new, custom, Heat Treated (HT), Combination (New and used wood) Remanufactured Pallets and Wood Crating solutions for small to large-scale companies. North Houston Pallets keep things simple by offering quality products that are available for quick delivery.

While not all builders of crates offer delivery within Houston, TX we can deliver your order to your business.

Houston wood pallet and crate company